About Us

SINCE 2010

K&C Cattle Company

Hi! We’re Cole & Kelsey Bolton. We take pride in our slogan “Austin Bred and Fed” in that we are one of the few ranches that can truly say we raise cattle in the Capitol City. I’m a 4th generation cattle rancher, having grown up on a cattle feed yard in East Texas, and Kelsey is a 2nd generation rancher, born and raised in the Austin area.

Our ranch consists of Black Angus and Red Angus bloodlines. We focus heavily on the best genetics, because the pedigree controls 45% of the marbling in the animal. We take pride in the quality of the meat we produce, and our animals are free of antibiotics and hormones. We practice regenerative ranching and rotationally graze our cattle to utilize and nurture our pastures without chemical fertilizers. Our cattle are raised on pastures, even while we supplement them with locally raised grains for the last 90 days before slaughter to enhance marbling, efficiency, and consistency.
Our beef is guaranteed to grade Choice or Prime.

Studies have shown that the natural environment that cattle are born in positively impacts the meat quality. Pasture raised beef has higher Omega 3 levels, is loaded with Vitamin A&E, providing you with nothing but top quality. We age our beef 14 days which makes it even more tender!

In September 2022, K&C Cattle partnered with close friend 2 Bar C Ranch in Luling, TX and opened Hometown Meat Market, which is a USDA customer processing facility and meat market. This allows us to now control the process of raising and harvesting the animal and to assure you the fastest delivery possible just the way you want it.