K&C Cattle Co. is dedicated to raising high-quality beef.

We take pride in the quality of the meat we produce, and our animals are free of antibiotics and hormones. We practice regenerative ranching and rotationally graze our cattle to utilize and nurture our pastures without chemical fertilizers. Our cattle are raised on pastures, even while we supplement them with locally raised grains for the last 90 days before slaughter to enhance marbling, efficiency, and consistency.
Our beef is guaranteed to grade Choice or Prime.

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Our Meat Bundles

Our beef bundles are perfect for someone with a family to feed, a meat connoisseur that wants to try it all, or a small business owner that wants to give a gift to a top tier client. Unlike a super market that has the ability to only sell steaks, we build these bundles to utilize the entire carcass of an animal and to minimize our carbon footprint. Because we only get 24-26 Ribeyes per carcass and 24-26 NY Strips, we utilize those cuts in our bundles.

A La Carte Cuts Menu

Our A La Carte Cuts Menu is great for families and individuals who want a more custom meat order.

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